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Air Quality and Outdoor Dust

20 Nov Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Air Quality and Outdoor Dust
Air Quality and Outdoor Dust

Not many of us think about it but there is a lot of outdoor dust that diminishes the quality of air we breathe.

Some of the ways that our air quality can decline are:

  • High winds.  When the wind is high, it will blow the loose dirt around and even if you are inside, it can increase the amount of dust in the air.
  • Tilled, harvested, and fallow farm fields.  When a farmer tills his field or harvests his crops, the disturbed dirt will be distributed into the air.
  • Construction sites.  This is another area where dirt is being disturbed and the dirt will be blown throughout the area.
  • Vacant land and cleared land.  This is where the wind can take the top dry dirt and blow it into the air.
  • Unpaved parking lots and equipment yards.  If the area you drive on is not paved, the tires of any vehicle will pick up dirt and the wind from your speed will blow the dust around.
  • Activities on vacant land or disturbed areas.  If you participate in activities that involve vacant land such as 4 wheeling and dirt bikes, you will be kicking up dust with your tires.

Some of the dust that is kicked up outside, can enter your business and cause an air quality issue if not controlled properly.

We are the Ryvac Engineering Company and we care about the quality of air you breathe in.  We specialize in dust collectors and industrial vacuum equipment to help improve air quality.  If you have questions about the quality of air in your business, contact us.