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Air Quality: Health issues rise with bad air

06 Sep Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Air Quality: Health issues rise with bad air
Air Quality: Health issues rise with bad air

People who exhibit typical allergy symptoms may not test positive for the usual culprits – mold, animals, and pollen. Their symptoms are often caused by particulate matter in the air, and this type of reaction can occur anywhere if the particulate count is high enough.

The tiny things that float through the air, contribute to air pollution. The body’s ingenious way of filtering particles out of the air is by having the nose produce more and more mucus. That sticky, gunky, unpleasant feeling stuff is the net that the nose uses to grab the contaminating debris. This type of reaction differs from allergies because in the case of allergies, there is a specific substance that triggers the allergic reaction.

Throughout the United States, over 127 million people live in places where air quality issues can cause asthma attacks, chronic coughing, wheezing, or worse, heart attack and severe enough health problems to cause early death.

The risk of pollution-associated problems is greatest in demographic groups that have respiratory or heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. One of the risk factors for allergies and asthma is particulate matter in the air.

The findings of a study of 7,000 people from different ethnic groups between the ages of 45 and 84, indicated that long-term exposure to high concentrations of particulate matter caused a thickening of interior parts of artery walls. The test subjects lived in six different metropolitan areas. The study began in 2000. The researchers also found that when there were lower concentrations of particulates in the air, the respiratory health participants who already suffered from IMT (Intima-Medial thickness) didn’t deteriorate as quickly.

People who live in places with consistently high levels of particulates in the air are at greater risk for developing heart disease or suffering from a stroke than people who live in less contaminated places, even if the less contaminated places are in the same town as the more contaminated areas.

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