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And you thought your local landfill was gross?

12 Jun Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on And you thought your local landfill was gross?
And you thought your local landfill was gross?

New Deli, India is a city of over 16 million people. They produce an estimated 10,000 tons of garbage each day. The city has four landfills, which are little more then pits that are overflowing with garbage. Garbage is separated from items that are recyclable, but there is not much progress in recycling much of anything. Children collect the bits of metal, broken glass, and anything else they might be able to sell, by wadding through the refuse. They are Ragpickers, and this is how they support themselves.

While that scenes seems bad, the worst part is hidden. The disease and airborne particles are an affront to humanity. You can not mound up 100 foot tall piles of garbage and not expect disease. The amount of pollution that is lifted by fire, wind, and washed into ground water by intense rains is amazing. It is nothing like we have ever seen. Here in America we have options that the Indians can not employ because of politics, rivalries, and economics. Our world is different. We have dust collectors in our business that filter out the air. We have air cleaners that remove toxins from our work space, but we are not immune to these airborne problems. Ryvac Engineering Company services the Pomona and Los Angeles County with air cleaners, dust collectors, to prevent the spread of toxins and disease. If you would like information on how to keep yourself and your workers safe, contact Ryvac Engineering Company.