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Clean Indoor Air Makes for a Healthy Productive Workplace

25 Sep Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Clean Indoor Air Makes for a Healthy Productive Workplace
Clean Indoor Air Makes for a Healthy Productive Workplace

For years, OSHA has regulated the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of factories, smelters and other work locations where hazardous contaminants affect IAQ.

IAQ is important as poor IAQ can cause illness or injury to the respiratory system. As America became educated on the importance of contaminant free air, IAQ in the office came under scrutiny.

One problem with many modern office buildings is windows are always closed, even if a person wanted to open one they could not, the windows are sealed shut. So, when a noxious substance spills and has a bad odor it is up to the ventilation system to evacuate the contaminated air. This can take hours. Open a window and you can get the same result in minutes.

Office buildings are notorious for having a large number of indoor air pollutants. Sources include activities of occupants, pesticide use, and housekeeping methods and microbial contaminants. People who work in office buildings have little control over how the HVAC system works compared to at home. These factors result in many health issues reported involving office buildings.

If you are responsible for the safety of your employees and suspect your work area is making them ill, call Ryvac Engineering Company of Pomona, California. They can test your facility and design a system that will eliminate pollutants and improve employee health. Ryvac can specify equipment such as dust collectors and industrial vacuums to keep indoor air clean. If needed Ryvac Engineering can custom design air cleaning equipment for a special need.

When Indoor Air Quality is good, a healthier and more productive work environment exists. Call Ryvac now; their phone number is 818-241-7436.