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Deadly Indiana Explosion Highlights Severity of Grain Dust

02 Sep Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Deadly Indiana Explosion Highlights Severity of Grain Dust
Deadly Indiana Explosion Highlights Severity of Grain Dust

Grain in a silo isn’t something most people would consider dangerous, but grain dust hazards are very real. Union Mills Co-op in Indiana is all too aware of that fact due to a recent explosion in their facility that killed a 67 year old worker. While the exact cause is still being investigated, evidence is leaning toward a silo on site close to where that worker was working.  A safety expert from Purdue University told reporters that silos held a higher likelihood of danger because they were tightly sealed and only a small spark would be required to result in an explosion.

The Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) makes attempts to monitor a variety of workplace hazards, including grain dust hazards, and they had not found Union Mills Co-op to have any recent history of violations. But it doesn’t take constant carelessness for accidents to occur. It simply takes a bad day.

As a supplier of dust collector and industrial vacuum equipment, Ryvac Engineering has heard about many different disasters that have occurred because a spark ignited around combustible dust. But in many cases, they have been able to find the right industrial vacuum that can keep that dust under control. It is possible that the right vacuum at the Union Mills Co-op could have prevented that accident from happening.

If you run a grain mill, or some other facility near Pomona, Ca where dust is an issue, Ryvac Engineering likely has the equipment you need in order to keep dust under control and your facility safe. Contact Ryvac Engineering to explore what type of dust collector or industrial vacuum is the best fit for your business.