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Dust and the Human Body

21 Jun Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Dust and the Human Body
Dust and the Human Body

There are two primary dangers presented by large volumes of airborne dust in the workplace. One is the danger of explosive combustion. The other is the less dramatic but potentially just as threatening danger from disease-causing inhaled airborne dust.

The human body is not well adapted to breathing large quantities of airborne particulate matter over extended periods of time. In addition, the eyes are susceptible to irritation and possible damage from airborne dust. The significant risks of occupational disease from overexposure include temporary and permanent disability, and even death. Aside from dangers to the lungs and eyes, links have also been found to diseases of the skin and heart.

Industrial dust collectors and air cleaners are important tools to combat these significant health risks in the workplace. The World Health Organization (WHO) has assembled some helpful educational information and training materials on the prevention and control of dust in the work environment. Locally, your air quality professionals at Ryvac Engineering are here to help.

For more information on air filtration, industrial dust collectors, and the safe control of airborne dust in the workplace, contact Ryvac Engineering Company, your dust collection system experts serving Pomona and the Greater Los Angeles area.