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Health Issues Related to Dust

22 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Health Issues Related to Dust
Health Issues Related to Dust

There are many health issues that are related to dust especially in occupations that are high in dust such as those that operate around sawdust. However, even office buildings that are subjected by the dust kicked up by nearby traffic may find that they are susceptible to some of the same health concerns. Special companies that specialize in professional dust removal can use an industrial vacuum along with other types of specialized tools to remove dust from the air and environment to ensure the safety of the workers. There are also certain policies that employers need to adhere to in regards to dust to maintain OSHA safety standards.

Breathing in dust can cause allergic reactions that range from minor to severe. It can also irritate the lungs which can eventually lead to scarring around the lung tissue, and this scarring can cause breathing problems later in life. Lung problems due to the inhalation of dust can also potentially cause cancer. Wood dust can be very dangerous but the extent of the hazards of wood dust has not been fully explored.

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