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HEPA Products We Provide You With

07 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on HEPA Products We Provide You With
HEPA Products We Provide You With

Indoor air quality should be a concern for everyone in business. No one wants to have their employees going home sick because of poor air quality in the work place, and long term effects can even be worse.

The best filtering systems on the market are the HEPA ones. HEPA stands for High-efficiency Particulate Air. The particulate particles are the ones that can make some people very ill. The particles can come from volcanoes, wild fires, dust storms, as well as power plants, fossil fuel burning, and poorly vented and serviced heating and air-conditioning systems.

These HEPA systems and filters must meet specific guidelines that are set by the United States Department of Energy to trap these particles from the air.

We at the Ryvac Engineering Company in the Pomona, California area and we strive to make sure that businesses have the cleanest air possible. All of the HEPA products we sell meet the requirements of the United States Department of Energy. We have a HEPA Dust Collector, HEPA Industrial Vacuums, and HEPA Air Cleaners. Each one comes in sizes to fit your business. If we don’t have the size that is needed for you, we also have the ability to design one that would fit your space perfectly.

Let us see what we can do for you to help you achieve the cleanest quality of air for you and your employees. Contact us today for questions or concerns regarding your business air quality.