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Indoor Pollutant Sources

04 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Indoor Pollutant Sources
Indoor Pollutant Sources

Home indoor air pollution comes from many different items that are found in homes throughout the United States. Materials in a home, things being burned and items that are deteriorating may all contribute to the pollution levels of a home. Some continuously release pollutants, while the ammount of pollutants released by others depends on the activities going on in a home. Here are some common sources of pollutants, and what homeowners can do about them.

Sources of Pollutants

Here are some of the common sources of pollutants, sorted by the categories mentioned above.

Materials in a home:

  • old insulation that has abestos
  • wet carpet
  • some pressed wood used in cabinets

Things that are burned:

  • gas, oil, kerosene, coal or any other material burned for heating
  • wood burned for heat or ambience
  • tobacco products
  • candles

Things that release pollutants based on activity:

  • cleaning supplies
  • perfumes and colognes
  • pesticides

Protecting Your Home’s Air Quality

Many homeowners are suprised to learn how many pollutants are in their home. Homeowners are not helpless, though. We at American Dust Collectors have tools, thanks to the Ryvac Engineering Company, to help you reduce the pollutants in your home. Contact us to learn more about how industrial vacuums and dust collectors can help reduce the indoor air pollutants you breathe in.