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Is Your Factory Safe From A Dust Collector Explosion?

06 Nov Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Is Your Factory Safe From A Dust Collector Explosion?
Is Your Factory Safe From A Dust Collector Explosion?

The danger of explosion from combustible dust can be high in many factories. Because there are many different types of dust produced in the manufacturing process companies must be compliant with government regulations. 

How Does Dust Explosion Happen?

Explosions typically take place when performing off-line cleaning and can often be avoided by following smart practices and using common sense. If employees are following safety warnings and proper procedure for off-line cleaning, you are much less likely to be at risk of explosion. It is important that employees are trained properly in these procedures and are well supervised during the process.

What Other Steps Can You Take?

Investing in advanced technology dust collectors means you have less of a risk at being involved in a dust explosion. Most advanced technology collectors are equipped with a high side inlet and high ratio cleaning systems. These features are a great help at reducing the risk of explosion. The advanced technology designs prevent dust from being returned to the facility and help reduce the hazard of accumulating dust. They are also much more likely to help in keeping your company compliant with federal regulations.

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