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Maintaining Air Quality During Construction Projects

07 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Maintaining Air Quality During Construction Projects
Maintaining Air Quality During Construction Projects

Maintaining air quality throughout construction projects is extremely important. The safety standards for construction and dust control require that the areas be inspected for any buildup of dust that could be hazardous. Without properly maintained air quality, employees may be subjected to serious health hazards that may have extremely negative effects. Dust can cause anything from a simple mild allergy or irritation to lung disease and cancer, which means that it is something that is extremely important to protect against.

In addition to this, dust within a working environment can present other hazards. Dust may be very easy to ignite which means that sparks from machinery or other flammable sources can ignite all of the dust in an area. Dust also becomes very dangerous in the event of an explosion because it can cause a secondary explosion as the dust that is kicked into the air combusts. There are many reasons why all construction projects should maintain air quality, in addition to following OSHA standards for a safe working environment and employee safety.

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