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OSHA Fines Tobacco Maker Over Combustible Dust Hazards

30 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on OSHA Fines Tobacco Maker Over Combustible Dust Hazards
OSHA Fines Tobacco Maker Over Combustible Dust Hazards

When most people think about protecting a workplace against potential hazards, they probably don’t think about dust. Even fewer would suspect that excess dust would result in nearly $60,000 in OSHA fines. But that’s exactly what happened to a tobacco maker that was found to have an excess of combustible tobacco dust at their facility.

Aside from health concerns of breathing tobacco dust, OSHA found this instance to be particularly dangerous because the combustible nature of the particles made for a disaster in the making. Something as simple as a random spark could have potentially set the whole tobacco plant ablaze and cause several injuries and even death.

Fortunately, combustible dust hazards can be kept under control. Ryvac Engineering serves as a dependable dust collector with many different dust control options available including industrial vacuum options to fit various spaces and sources of dust.

Ryvac Engineering is committed to helping companies overcome their dust problems in order to help keep workers or anyone else in the vicinity safe from combustible dust hazards. To learn more about which type of dust collector is best suited for your facility contact Ryvac Engineering today.