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Our Product: HEPA Air Cleaner

03 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Product: HEPA Air Cleaner
Our Product: HEPA Air Cleaner

American Dust Collectors, also known as Ryvac Engineering Company, offers HEPA Air Cleaners to industrial clients around Los Angeles County and the community of Pomona. HEPA Air Cleaners are designed to remove the smallest particles from the air. They do this by circulating the entire air mass of a room at a specific volume per hour. If you have shopped for Air cleaners, then you have likely run across some terms that were strange.

One of the HEPA Air Cleaners that Ryvac Engineering Company offers is the 2000 CFM RM 326 ACH. 2000CFM RM 326 ACH is probably meaningless to most of us; however, to the good folks at ryvac engineering company, all of those letters and numbers mean something important. For instance, CFM means Cubic Feet of Air per Minute. So 2000 CFM means, that the unit filters 2000 Cubic Feet of Air in one minute of time. RM-326-ACH is the model number of the unit.

If you are in need of a dust collector or air cleaners for your business, then give the nice folks over at ryvac engineering company a call. They are happy to answer your questions and the knowledge that they provide might help to save your from the wrath of OSHA. For questions contact Ryvac Engineering Company.