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Study Shows: LA Pollution Is Decreasing

21 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Study Shows: LA Pollution Is Decreasing
Study Shows: LA Pollution Is Decreasing

The results of a study on Los Angeles pollution conducted by NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, indicate that chemical emissions are reducing pollution due to stricter standards regarding vehicle emissions.

One particular chemical, peroyxacetyl nitrate (PAN), causes eye irritation when the air’s smog content is significant. The study also confirmed the findings of other researchers that indicate the same thing.

As lead researcher, Ilana Pollack explained, to average people, improved air quality is most important, but scientists need to know exactly how the quality of air improves. In the upper atmosphere, the ozone acts as a filter, preventing ultra-violet radiation from reaching the earth’s surface. When the ozone is closer to the earth’s surface, it is a lung irritant and a potential cause of damage to plant life.

Roadside monitors, ground instruments, and research planes compiled the data. The fact that L.A. lies in a basin predisposes it to ozone impact, makes it especially prone to the damaging effects. The findings of this study are encouraging.

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