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The Advantage of Air Powered Vacuums

25 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Advantage of Air Powered Vacuums
The Advantage of Air Powered Vacuums

When looking to use industrial vacuums it is a well-known fact that compressed air powered vacuums are far superior to electric vacuums. The air powered vacuums are much more powerful and can cut down on the time and energy you have to spend on cleaning.

Advantages of Compressed Air Power

  • Much more reliable – After an initial higher investment you are less likely to need to replace an air powered vacuum than a standard electric vacuum. You’ll never have to replace a burnt out motor making the air powered vacuums much more environmentally friendly. 
  • They Put Safety First – There is no risk of electrocution for the user of an air powered vacuum! This takes away any worries you may have had when cleaning in a potentially wet location.
  • Adjustable power levels – When using an air vacuum you can easily adjust the amount of air supplied at the valve when full power isn’t necessary. This will help reduce the energy consumed by the compressor and therefore help reduce noise!

For more information on the many advantages of using air powered vacuums and dust collectors, please visit Ryvac Engineering online.