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The Basics of Dust Collection

15 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Basics of Dust Collection
The Basics of Dust Collection

Dust collection begins with the appropriate air filtration system. An air filtration system is absolutely essential in removing dust that gets into the air in an environment. The dust that is suspended within the air of a workplace is the most hazardous because it can easily infiltrate the lungs of those exposed to the environment. Industrial vacuums and HEPA air cleaning machines are essential in keeping an area as free as possible of dust collection.

A dust collection system, including an industrial vacuum and air filtration, will improve the health and productivity of employees. It will also increase the quality of end products by avoiding the defects that could potentially be caused by a dusty environment. OSHA compliance requires that a certain level of dust control be met and that the workplace meets clean air standards.

In addition to this, companies may be able to receive discounts on their insurance premiums due to air cleanliness. Both employee health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance premiums may be lowered by a healthier, cleaner and more compliant workplace setting.

For more information about dust collection and how it can help workplace safety contact the experts in dust collection at Ryvac Engineering.