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The Importance of Clean Air in the Workplace

31 May Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Importance of Clean Air in the Workplace
The Importance of Clean Air in the Workplace

Dust is a silent threat that creates havoc in the workplace. These tiny particles are accompanied by dust mites, which are miniscule bugs that eat dust and dead skin cells. Dust mites excrete compounds that cause allergic reactions serious enough to threaten the elderly and the youthful. Industrial and construction sites also exude hazardous emissions and tiny particles called atmospheric dust that leads to health issues.

Respiratory problems are most frequently associated with dust in its many forms. When inhaling dust and its byproducts, individuals can develop asthma and other breathing ailments. Those who already have respiratory problems find that their health is aggravated even more and can escalate to dangerous levels. Fortunately there are ways to maintain clean air in the workplace. Through dust collection and the use of an industrial vacuum, work environments find that the risk of dust related health problems is greatly decreased.

Here at Ryvac Engineering we work diligently to provide dust collector equipment that helps to keep a workplace free of dust particles so workers can breathe freely. It is our business to equip workplaces with products, such as the industrial vacuum, that is ideal for removing dust.