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The Importance of Clean Air

29 Jul Posted by in Clean Air, HEPA Air Filtration | Comments Off on The Importance of Clean Air
The Importance of Clean Air

Clean air isn’t just pleasant, it’s vital. Businesses that deal with a lot of dust need to invest in air cleaners and other dust management solutions for the health and safety of their employees as well as the continued safety of their property. When dust gets into air it can cause a variety of health issues for employees, ranging from light allergies to more serious issues such as lung cancer. This is especially true if OSHA standards are not followed and employees are not wearing the appropriate safety gear. However, there are also other issues with dust particles in the air and in the environment.

If an explosion is triggered or a fire is triggered, which is something more common in dusty environments, a secondary explosion may also be triggered if the area is inundated with dust. This is because dust is often extremely flammable, and the dust particles will be kicked up into the air by the initial explosion and then ignited by the explosion. This can be an extremely dangerous situation but it can be avoided with the appropriate dust management.

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