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The Use of Dust Collectors in Nuclear Power Plants

28 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Use of Dust Collectors in Nuclear Power Plants
The Use of Dust Collectors in Nuclear Power Plants

When the engineers that are responsible for keeping St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant running safely needed an industrial vacuum, they turned to Ryvac Engineering.  Despite all the advanced science that goes into building and maintaining a nuclear power plant, the plant would not function without industrial vacuums keeping the tiniest of particles out of the air.  Ryvac Engineering is pleased to provide the HEPA dust collectors and industrial vacuums that keep the employees at, and citizens around, St. Lucie safe.

More than a Household Appliance

Industrial-grade HEPA dust collectors essentially do the same thing that household air filters do: they filter small particles from the air.  Industrial-grade ones just filter a lot more particles that are much smaller.

When it comes to filtering small particles in a nuclear power plant, though, there is no room for error.  The officials at St. Lucie depend on Ryvac Engineering, because Ryvac builds the most reliable industrial vacuums on the market.  They stand behind their products, and they have been making vacuums from their location in Pomona, CA for years.  To learn more about their vacuums, contact Ryvac Engineering.