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what Does an Industrial Vacuum Do Anyway?

02 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on what Does an Industrial Vacuum Do Anyway?
what Does an Industrial Vacuum Do Anyway?

Industrial vacuums are designed to remove dust and other airborne contaminants from the air inside manufacturing facilities. Dust is produced during several of the manufacturing processes. Without a vacuum, the debris and dust would circulate throughout the workplace, lowering the quality of air and endangering the health of the company’s work force.

If a worker is exposed to high levels of airborne contaminants, they can experience upper respiratory infections, allergies and asthma like symptoms. Installing an industrial vacuum system can dramatically reduce a worker’s exposure to the contaminants and improve the air quality within a facility. By reducing the levels of airborne dust and debris, it also helps to keep the facility clean and professional looking.

Located in Pomona, California, Ryvac Engineering helps manufacturing facilities with dust control with their industrial vacuum system. Dust control is a major problem for manufacturers that produce certain types of products. Porcelain, glass and fiberglass companies must constantly by aware of the air quality in their facilities. Having the right industrial vacuum is the key to providing a safe environment for their workers.