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What is Organic Dust and How is it Hazardous?

01 Nov Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What is Organic Dust and How is it Hazardous?
What is Organic Dust and How is it Hazardous?

Organic dust is the airborne debris that is created by livestock, hay, straw and fuel chips. The dust forms from a variety of particles including feed, mold, bacteria, pesticides, pollen and chemicals. Animal dander, feathers, hair and droppings also generate organic dust. Someone who inhales these particles over a long period of time can develop respiratory irritations including coughing, wheezing or sinus congestion. The dust can also cause infections leading to pneumonia or bronchitis.

Those individuals who are exposed to the dust without protective breathing gear can develop the serious illness known as Farmer’s lung. This illness results from the buildup of mold spores in the body, which can lead to permanent lung damage and death. In order to prevent the occurrence of organic dust related illnesses, an industrial vacuum cleaning is optimal. Here at Ryvac Engineering we serve the Pomona, CA area with a focus on industrial strength dust collectors that will remove the hazard organic dust from the air. 

Contact our team today to find out how you can breathe easier whether you work in enclosed spaces, livestock pens, or grain dryers.