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Why Install Dust Collection?

Why Install a Dust Collection System?

Improved Product Quality — Because it can provide a nearly dust-free environment, a well-designed dust collection system can reduce product defects caused by dust and airborne particulate contamination.

Better Morale and Employee Retention — A cleaner workplace leads to better productivity, better employee morale and job satisfaction and can reduce hiring and training costs.

Increased Productivity — A cleaner, safer workplace contributes to increased productivity by reducing equipment downtime, worker’s sick time off, and on the job injuries.

Improved Health and Safety — Thanks to their high filtration efficiency and safe easy maintenance, dust collectors and HEPA air cleaning machines can provide the cleanest, and healthiest work environments.

OSHA/EPA Compliance — Both OSHA and EPA requirements for clean air in the workplace are increasing annually. An effective dust collection and air cleaning system can meet and exceed these new requirements.

Lower Operating Costs — An effective dust control system can reduce maintenance expense, increase equipment useful life, and lead to reduced energy costs by recirculation of clean air.

Lower Insurance Premiums — By improving shop safety and air cleanliness, these systems can often produce savings in health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

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